Learn More About Hunger in our Community and How to Fight It

Feeding America's Map the Meal Gap: Food Insecurity in Bell County provides food insecurity estimates, food price variations, and food budget shortfalls at the county and congressional district level. This study examines the relationship among known factors that impact hunger including poverty, unemployment, food prices and access to federal assistance programs. This study is conducted annually by Feeding America.


Texas Hunger Atlas by Feeding Texas details the extent of hunger in every Texas county and identifies the availability of resources to help families meet their food needs.

SNAPshot Texas by Feeding Texas provides details about how gets help from SNAP (food stamps) and the families at risk of hunger.

Texas Hunger Initiative is a capacity building, collaborative project dedicated to developing and implementing strategies to end hunger through policy, education, research, community organizing, and community development.

Play Spent is an online poverty simulation which gives people a glimpse of what it’s like to live as a low-income individual. Check this out to learn more about the tough decisions people in poverty have to make.