Existing Drives

Helping Hands Ministry is involved in two major food drives throughout the year.

  • KWTX News 10 in Waco organizes Food for Families, which collects food for pantries throughout Central Texas each November, just in time for the holiday season. All goods collected in Bell County during this time of year is distributed between the food pantries in the county.
  • In addition to the Food for Families Food Drive, we also benefit from the annual Postal Workers' Food Drive. This occurs the Saturday before Mother's Day in May each year. The drive is a nationwide event, and all food collected in the 76513 zip code helps fill the pantry at Helping Hands Ministry. To participate, leave canned and boxed goods at your mailbox, and it will be collected by the USPS letter carriers. 

Start Your Own Drive

You can also help through your school, church, business, neighborhood, or social organization by organizing your own food drive to benefit Helping Hands Ministry. Here are a few tips on how to create a successful drive:

  • Make sure your food drive drop-off points are in areas that others can easily access. Your school's cafeteria, your church or your company's central office may be a good place to start. 
  • Set a reasonable goal and let others know what your goal is. 
  • Decide on a deadline and give others plenty of time to donate. 
  • Publicize your drive. Tell as many people as possible!

To donate to Helping Hands Ministry, simply contact us by phone or email and let us know you're coming. We appreciate everything our community does for us and our clients!