with the help of community partners, Helping Hands offers free courses taught by local professionals.

Classes are available throughout the year on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at various times. Class topics include parenting, child safety, diabetes management, nutrition, household finances, and more. Classes are free and open to the public.


Fall 2018 Classes

Class.Fresh Start to a Healthy You.jpg

A fresh start to a healthy you

Offered on select Mondays at 1 PM

Taught by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, participants will learn how to provide safe, healthy, and economical meals for their families and themselves. The program is free and will offer lessons that integrate the importance of healthy nutrition with an emphasis on increasing fruit and vegetable intake, physical activity, food safety, and food resource management. Participants will receive recipes, incentive items and educational materials at each class. 

Class.Your Money, Your Goals.jpg

your money, your goals

Offered on select Tuesdays at 1 PM

Taught by professionals from the Cooperative Extension Program - Prairie View A&M University, students will cover a variety of household finance topics, including setting goals and planning for large purchases; saving for emergencies, bills, and goals; tracking and managing income and benefits; paying bills and other expenses; managing cash flow and budget through the month; dealing with debt; understanding credit reports and scores; money services, cards, accounts, and loans; and protecting your money.


wings (women inspiring through network, growth & strength)

Offered on select Mondays in September at 6 PM

Using curriculum developed by local professionals, WINGS is a class designed specifically for women and focuses on healthy relationships, providing education, information, resources, safety planning, and support. Topics include safety planning and resources; boundaries and self-esteem; the legal system; and children and violence.
Sessions open to women only, ages 14 & up. No child care available