Helping Hands Ministry gives some unemployed clients the opportunities they need to find a job through the Employment Mentoring Ministry. In addition, all clients are encouraged to attend free education classes at Helping Hands’ facility to improve their financial, health and other essential skills.

Client Eligibility

In order for clients to receive aid from Helping Hands, they must meet certain requirements: 

Financial and Geographical Qualifications: Helping Hands Ministry serves ALL residents who qualify financially (by drawing 185% or less of the federal poverty level). Helping Hands Ministry also offers benevolence assistance to those living within the Belton and Academy ISD boundaries. 

Identification Requirements: In order to qualify for assistance, prospective clients need to go to Helping Hands during the hours of operation to register.  Clients need to show a photo ID as well as a proof of residency that is no more than 30 days old.  A proof of residency may be a utility bill, lease or deed.  A driver’s license is not considered to be a proof of residence.

Types of Development

Employment Mentoring Ministry
Helping Hands' Employment Mentoring Ministry began in 2012. The desire of this ministry is to help clients work out of systematic poverty by providing new opportunities that can help them.
The program offers three paid part-time jobs to eligible clients of Helping Hands in one of three areas: Clients may work in Helping Hands warehouse, in Laura Mae's Resale shop, or in janitorial service. These positions are far more than just minimum-wage jobs. While clients are employed by Helping Hands, they also receive job training and assistance with resumes.
As in the real world, applications are made, interviews are held with potential employees, and the necessary documents are provided before hiring. Clients need to apply for one of the three specific positions. Helping Hands selects a client to train after the interview process.
The vision for this ministry is that the positions are held for only a few weeks or months before a better part-time or full-time position is found elsewhere. At the end of clients' training, Helping Hands Ministry is able to provide a good reference for clients applying for positions of employment at partnering businesses, schools, and churches in the community.

Education Classes Through the help of partnering organizations and businesses, Helping Hands clients are afforded the opportunity of taking professional-level classes for absolutely no cost. Professional instructors associated with partner organizations come to Helping Hands Ministry to present the classes. Each class is an hour long and a one-time class. Classes are available throughout the year on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at various times and all are available in both English and Spanish. Some of the classes offered include Family Finance, Child Safety and Safe Sleep, Nutrition, Diabetes Management, Payday and Auto Title Loans, and Safe Driving. The Family Finance or Payday and Auto Title Loans class is required, along with another elective class, for clients if they receive benevolence from Helping Hands. By requiring these classes for recipients of benevolence, Helping Hands insures that clients continue to strive toward improving their circumstances.

Chapel Ministry

While our most-recognized service to the community is our food pantry, the heart of Helping Hands Ministry is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our primary focus as a Christian organization is spiritual development. At the center of our facility stands Conaway Chapel, a place where clients and volunteers can come together to pray or share testimonies with one another. For many years, the chapel has provided a place of sanctuary for troubled clients. Conaway Chapel was named after Dave and Lola Conaway. Lola served her community faithfully as Helping Hands' Executive Director and Dave assisted and worked closely with her.

In addition to providing a place for clients to pray, Helping Hands also has chaplains available during all hours of operation. Chaplains are volunteers who devote time each week to meeting with and praying for clients. Clients who have prayer needs or other spiritual needs are invited to come to the chapel at any time during hours of operation to meet with and pray with a chaplain.